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342 Messages Found
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joanii11 Jarrow
How do I sign out?
24/08/2015 23:42:34
Elizabeth Myers Frederick,MD USA
Been a long time. Just wanted to say a big HEY to all
30/07/2013 14:11:48
Penny Green Bedfordshire
Wanting to contact Clive Bradley re The Haven, Yately please.
18/05/2013 19:58:49
Jimmy Jampot Earth
This website is Visually Horrendous.
12/10/2012 12:13:29
Elke Adair Reno Nevada USA
I would like to see some of the items which have been created by all this talented subscribers.
16/05/2012 21:13:19
Richard Conkey Northern Ireland
My first visit. Your site looks great
03/11/2011 20:23:49
adam kent
have seen what appears to be a totally yellow-ish newt in my pond. any ideas what type it may be?
15/07/2011 19:08:58
gerrit nel george - south africa
would like to join your garden club
10/02/2011 11:20:37
Stan Powdershoes Durham
What an absolutely joyous website. I feel as though I have made some new friends.

01/10/2010 13:37:18
Banksia Trundle NSW Australia
Could you please tell me how I may be able to broaden viewers to see my site
Thank You
09/08/2010 03:57:59
potty Lancs
This site was recomended to me and on looking around I would like to become a member. Only i dont see anywhere to sign up to. Cab you help please
07/07/2010 17:50:59
Macca Sheffield, England
Only been visiting this site for about a month, but already gleaned so much information from other "Oggies". Love everything about the site, but would love to get myself an icon - how do I go about this?
15/06/2010 19:12:38
david gater rushden nortants
what is the best time to cut back a butter fly bush or budleir bush what a wonderful site how do I sing up to be come a member i have book marked this site
thank you
04/03/2010 15:08:54
ismiff East Yorks
just looking
01/03/2010 19:29:57
leand Cadgwith, The Lizard, Cornwall
Names Pete, Precision Engineer [retired], enjoy being active ie sailing, walking, dancing,gardening. Hobbies include stone carving, boat building and generally making things that I ought really to buy.
Have a v large garden which was a serpentine quarry,so lots of mini cliff faces, rock pools [stream fed] and all sorts of wildlife. !00yds from sea on cliff path where I usually have my breakfast.
15/01/2010 20:20:41

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